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There is a mass exodus of labour underway in rural India. The Real estate boom and rural employment schemes have resulted in a three fold rise in labour wage growth rates from a decade ago. While certain parts of India and specific operations in the production chain have seen the first wave of mechanization, the rising labour wages slowly pave way for the next one. Oxen aims to ride this wave of farm mechanization by providing access to advanced technologies in a tech enabled, efficient and pay per use model across a range of services – crop residue management, land preparation, planting, crop management, harvesting and post harvest processing.

The Grand Marathon!

The machinery is available. Germans and Punjabis have been locally manufacturing highly efficient large combine harvesters for more than three decades. Koreans and Japanese have fast moving paddy combine harvesters for smaller fields, like the ones we have in Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Machinery is there, however solution is not. Rural investors fear upfront investments in a monsoon dependent industry. Sharing solutions are not very effective for short window operations such as harvesting and sowing, leading to longer payback periods. Operations and maintenance of this machinery is indeed rocket science if you are in Kalahandi district in Odisha harvesting paddy fields.

Punjabis, Telugus and Tamilians have cracked the solution big time. Every year, the long migration starts when teams in turban owning combine harvesters leave Punjab and go for wheat harvesting to Maharashtra in February, Madhya Pradesh in March and move to either Chhattisgarh or back to Haryana/Punjab. The farmer pays money on per acre basis, typically half of what it would cost with labour and doesn’t have to worry about the driver, maintenance or the fuel. There are multiple version of this route and this machine from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu. Takeaway is one – sweat it baby, and sweat it hard! Sweat it across 20 hours a day, across geographies and across crops, earn the green and go home to enjoy rains.

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By leveraging existing solutions and creating new ones, we bring transparency for all the concerned parties

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Our market intelligence tool analyses satellite and weather data to determine the best markets

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Our yield data is the most reliable production data point, just a couple of days from market

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We have worked with 10,000 farmers over 15,000 acres and 8 states and we're rapidly expanding our presence

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We have an experience in getting things done. We have sold pomegranates in Latvia, sold electricity in tribal villages of Chhattisgarh, established 20,000 tonnes an year agriculture supply chain and worked with some of the finest minds of agriculture in India. Extraordinary commitment by extraordinary people for a long long time - that is what defines Oxen.

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We have harvested over 15,000 acres spanning 10,000 farmers across 4 states of India

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